HUGO PRO-ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a company which is specialized in the manufacturing of Non-Asbestos Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Board .The factory is located in the Jiaotang, Gaoyao, Zhaoqing city, which cover an area of 20 square kilometer. In order to convenience to clients visit us, the company set up a sale center where is next to Foshan 1st Ring Road, Tianan Cyber Park, Nanhai District, Foshan city, At present, It is the largest product and sales enterprise of calcium silicate in Guangdong province.

We are carry out the production and sales of independent system management in order to profession sales and production service.We are focus on production100% non-asbestos calcium silicate board which are form the first-class production line, spending a large amount of money for research and development of new high quality practical products.Science,natural and environmental three element as the core of the product research, development and production, we are committed to lead the future development trend of environmental protection material. In order to satify the market demand, the factory specifically for the ceiling, partition walls, garret, decoration, fireproof material and otherprofessional practical board/panel, Its had obtained a number of invention patents and utilitypatents, to provide more choice and scheme for user.

As the inventor and creators of new building material, HUGO company has the responsibility to turn the limited nature resource into unlimited comfortable green space Through the HUGO scientific research team’s strive and management strictly, to supply more good quality products with perfect service for you.

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